My Experience With Microblading.

Hey lovelies.

I have gotten SO many messages asking about what Microblading is and what it’s like to get your brows done! So I thought I’d write up a blog post and talk about my experience.

From when I was just a child, I always had bushy, thick eyebrows that were definitely a little bit uncontrollable. I always had comments from other kids saying “It looks like caterpillars on your face!” and “Why do your eyebrows look like that?”. It really got me down, it wasn’t until the age of 14 I discovered TWEEZERS! Ah, I guess we all know what’s happened from there.. The not-so lovely journey of overplucked brows.  My once, thick, bushy (and beautiful 💔) eyebrows were no longer, instead they were thin, patchy and looked almost like sperm. Yikes. 

So hard looking back at these photos. I was 14, I should have not been allowed near those tweezers at all. 
5 years later, my eyebrows have definitely grown back to their bushy state, however they were super patchy and were so hard to maintain. As soon as I discovered brow powder, pomade and gel at the age of 17 I started playing around with making my eyebrows my ideal shape. I was so stoked with life! My eyebrows were definitely a big insecurity of mine after the over plucking incident, so being able to create the shape I wanted them to be was amazing.
This year I discovered something called Microblading. I had always seen photos of people getting their eyebrows done all over my Instagram feed, I always wanted to get mine done but was so scared of how permanent it is! 

There was one page in particular that I kept seeing the most INCREDIBLE brows in her photos, and that was Feather Touch By Cherie. Her work was one of the most precise and perfect I had ever seen, some of the brows looked so natural, fluffy and perfect you couldn’t even tell it was Microblading! Definitely one of a kind and super talented. 

Check out her IG page here

After weeks and weeks of being super indecisive whether I wanted to get them done or not, I was like ‘eh just do it!!’. So I bit the bullet and made my appointment. I was so excited, mainly because I was going to be able to wear no makeup and still feel confident about my brows, which was a huge thing for me!

What is Microblading?

Microblading is essentially, a form of tattooing. However it is slightly different as they place the pigment underneath your skin using a hand-held tool instead of your usual tattooing machine. This process means they are able to create precise lines that mimic hair strokes, meaning your brows look natural and full.

How long does Microblading last for?

Usually with Microblading they last for around 12-18 months before you can decide whether you need a colour boost. 

Feather Touch Brows by Cherie:

I decided to go with Cherie as she does some of the most unique, beautiful brows I have seen throughout New Zealand. Her Feather Touch studio is located within her salon House of Chic which is located in Aoeta, Wellington. So for all my wellington gals, definitely check her out if you are looking into getting this done! 

On the day of the microblading, you are to apply numbing cream (EMLA cream) to your brows 40 minutes prior your appointment. 

 I walked into the salon and was stunned by how gorgeous and chic it was. It definitely has a luxury feel which I loooove. Cherie gets you to fill out required paperwork before the procedure so she knows exactly what you are wanting from the procedure, as each eyebrow is customised to what you are wanting. Which is awesome! 

I had told her my experience with overplucking when I was younger and that I wanted my eyebrows to still look natural, but also for the patches to be filled in. She drew out a stencil over my brows to customise my brows to fit my face, and also to get the idea of what shape I was looking for. 

(Photo Credit: Feather Touch By Cherie)

Cherie was super lovely and so easy to talk to, she made sure to talk through each step of the procedure in depth so you would understand what is happening during the procedure. I was super nervous as I had never had any cosmetic tattooing done to my face, she made me feel completely at ease and told me it would be over before I knew it. I was so excited! 

What kind of brows does Cherie specialise in? And how can I find out what the best option for me?

Cherie has a list of brows that she specialises in. Starting with:

  • Powder Fill Brows – Perfect for those who prefer filled in and defined brows. Gives a more powdered look.
  • Ombré Brows – This is where the brows are filled in with two different colours, a darker colour to define the tail and a lighter colour at the front. Perfect for people with oily skin and like to work out a lot! 
  • Feather Touch Brows – The most natural brows of them all. This is where natural, hair like strokes are placed throughout the brow. Not recommended for clients with oily skin.
  • Combination Brows – This is where natural, hair like strokes will be placed at the front whilst a more strong, powdered fill is at the tail.

We decided to go with Feather Touch Brows as I was unsure what I wanted. I wanted natural but I still wanted my eyebrows to look full! Cherie told me the best option is to go with Feather Touch Brows first, and if you still want them more defined you can get them more defined in your follow up session. Perfect! I would say definitely talk to Cherie about what you are wanting from your brow appointment, she can then help you with what technique would suit you the best. 

Before the procedure Cherie will apply her own numbing cream which is a lot stronger than the EMLA cream you are required to use before your appointment.

(PC: Feather Touch By Cherie)
I was super worried about how painful it would be, but to be completely honest I didn’t feel a thing! It does feel a little strange at first (and also sounds a lil weird, a bit like Velcro!) but you get used to it very quickly, before you know it your brows are all done! She will always go back and fort looking over your brows to ensure everything is looking perfect and in shape. 
Side note: During my touch up appointment (4-5 weeks after your first appointment) I did feel a little bit more pain, but Cherie assured me that usually when a client is either stressed or feeling run down (like I was!) they usually feel more pain even with the numbing cream applied. But it was still a breeze to get through and didn’t hurt as bad! 

(PC: Feather Touch By Cherie)

Here is the outcome of my brows after Cherie worked her magic! I was so impressed, I walked out of the salon feeling invincible with my new addition to my face! I finally felt like my brows brought my face together. She did exactly what I had wanted done to my eyebrows, and I am so happy with them! 

(PC: Feather Touch By Cherie)
As you can see from my before photo, my eyebrows were very patchy and messy. They were so hard to maintain! It’s so cool looking at the before and after photo, I can’t believe my eyebrow transformation! It has definitely helped so much with my confidence, especially when I’m not wearing makeup! I usually wear a full face of makeup every single day, but from having my brows done I’ve been so minimal with my makeup because I love my brows! Werk it.

Now, Cherie will also go through with you the process of after care you will be required to do after you leave the salon. It is much like getting a tattoo, always keeping it moisturised, wiping and keeping it away from water! And of course, no applying makeup to the brows for 2 weeks!

The first hour of leaving the salon you will be required to wipe and apply Vaseline to your eyebrows every 15 minutes for an hour. And after that once every hour. For the first night it is recommended to apply cling wrap to your brows before going to sleep.

 For a couple of days after that you will be required to repeat the process except 3 times a day, usually when you wake up, midday and before you go to bed! For the first couple of days your eyebrows will feel slightly tight, and a bit sore to touch but it does go away. I noticed that around 5 days after the procedure my eyebrows did start to flake a little bit, which is completely normal however you must not pick at it as it can ruin the pigmentation. I found this went away when it got to a week after my appointment. 

You will be required to have a follow up appointment 4-6 weeks after your first appointment, this will be your perfecting session.  This ensures that the pigmentation will last for the 12-18 months. 

Mine had faded slightly when it got around to my follow up appointment, the hair like strokes were definitely still there and looked great but were not as dark as I had wanted them to be. I discussed with Cherie that I had also wanted the tails of my brows to be more thick and defined, which she did perfectly! This is why a follow up appointment is essential after getting your eyebrows Microblading so Cherie can assure your brows are as perfect as possible and exactly what you want! 

This photo was taken straight after leaving the salon with my perfected brows! 

I am so happy that I decided to get my eyebrows microbladed, this was such an exciting experience for me and I was so glad that I was lucky enough to have Cherie do them for me! Her work is amazing and so unique, honestly the way she did my brows is a dream come true! 

If you are thinking about Microblading, definitely do it! It is such an amazing thing, and it’s so cool being able to see your brows transform so perfectly! 

I definitely recommend Cherie from Feather Touch by Cherie for Microblading,  she is the loveliest person and is so genuine! Check out her Instagram and Facebook , she posts client photos and videos which are so great to look at as they are all so unique and perfect for the client. 

Thank you to Cherie for making my microblading experience so amazing and fun! I will definitely be coming back for many years 😉

Annaleise x


Farsali Skincare Review!

Hey loves!

Hope your all well. If you follow my Instagram you would know that I was trying out the new Farsali Beauty Oils & Serums which are super well known, I have seen them be used in so many Instagram, Facebook and YouTube videos!

I was lucky enough to be sent both the Rose Gold Elixr Oil & The Unicorn Essence Serum to try out for you guys, as they have just launched in New Zealand at Life Pharmacy! (Retailing for $119)

Farsali was created in the USA by a team of cosmetic scientists. 

Rose Gold Elixr – ($119)

It is a ‘fast absorbing, lightweight beauty Oil that is infused with 24k Gold, rosehip seed oil and pure botanicals’

The Rose Gold Elixr is essentially a radiant moisturiser for the skin, it can be used both day and night and will leave your skin feeling super nourished and hydrated. It can also be used for chapped lips and skin, reviving dried cream products and to even mix in with foundation to create a glowy, flawless finish. I find that it’s so handy to find a beauty oil that has so many different uses! 

I’ve been using the Rose Gold Elixr for just over a week now and I can already see such a difference in my skin. My skin is super dry and sensitive, especially during winter so it really does need all the hydration it can get. My skin is feeling so smooth, soft and hydrated with no dry patches at all. I use this Oil both morning and night, and I love how it makes my skin feel! If I mix into my foundation I find that my skin gives off a very dewy, soft glow that I love! My skin has never looked so healthy.  Plus I love the smell, it has a beautiful scent of citrus orange peel and rose hip oil!

When it came to reviving my dried out cream products, I tested it out on my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow that had been slightly dried up as I have had it for a while now. I dropped 1-2 drops of the oil into the pomade and gently mixed it around with a q-tip, it was like brand new!

Each ingredient of this oil serves a purpose in helping your skin. 

Gold – A natural mineral that is often used to make the skin look and feel younger and radiant.

Rosehip Oil & Bontanicals – Help with moisturising the skin, leaving it look smooth and supple.

The great thing about this product is that it works for all skin types! 

Unicorn Essence Serum – $119

This is different from the Rose Gold Elixr, it is a Serum that is completely Oil free! The Unicorn Essence is also a multi purpose product, it can be used as a daily serum , face and eyeshadow primer aswell as even helping your highlight be poppin!

When used as a daily serum, it helps with protecting the skin from things such as radical damage. Whilst doing this, it also helps prepare the skin for makeup application or moisturiser! 

I’ve been using this after my Rose Gold Elixr has sunk into the skin, and using the serum as a base before my makeup application. The one thing I like most about this product is that it doesn’t leave my face feeling oily at all, my foundation doesn’t glide around and it sets beautifully. It almost leaves your skin with a ‘tight’ feeling, which I love and find that my makeup will go on smoother with it. 

When using it to make your highlight shine out of this world, I will gently press it along my cheekbone, and let it set whilst applying my favourite powder highlight with a fan brush. It’s one of my favourite tricks to make my highlight look super intense!

The smell of this product is not as intense as the Rose Gold Elixr, which I know some people may prefer. It has a slight sweet, candy scent but it disappears after it has sunk into the skin!

This beautiful skin enhancer contains four different super fruit extracts which are all super rich in antioxidants. Such as, Acai Berry, Goji Berry, Elderberry and Blueberry! All of these are also packed with Vitamin C which help massively for health and skin tone. 

I am so impressed with these two products from Farsali. I had no idea they would have such an amazing impact on my skin, and I will always keep using them in my daily skincare routine!

If you are wanting to check out more about Farsali products and where to find them in New Zealand, check out @wigginsbeauty on Instagram and they have so much information on these two gorgeous products!




How getting rid of toxic people changed my life.

Hey loves.

As you could probably see by the title, this blog post is going to get a little bit personal. I’ve been so up and down about whether I should post personal posts on here, but I figured I might as well share my experience as it could help someone else out at the same time.

I think one of the hardest things us humans will admit, is that some of the people we are surrounded with are actually toxic to our physical and mental health. We sometimes don’t want to admit it to ourselves as they could easily be a loved one, friend, co-worker or family member, but it’s so important to realise who’s good for you and who’s not. 
I struggled with this for so many years, I found it so hard to let go of so many toxic people. And because of this, I struggled with a lot of insecurity, anxiety and even depression. I was with a person for almost 3 years, I knew they were so toxic to me but for some stupid reason I couldn’t let go. All because I thought that I would have nothing without them. I was so completely wrong, I was surrounded with so many lovely friends and family who were always talking to me about how this person didn’t mean anything to me, but I just couldn’t listen to it. It didn’t take me until they went and cheated on me and me finding about all the lies they told me, that I realised they didn’t mean SHIT! I dropped them instantly.  I felt so happy, so free, so… HAPPY! That’s a feeling I hadn’t felt in so long, I finally was able to be myself without being judged and I was able to hang out with my friends all the time without being told off. 

This person told me they didn’t like seeing me without makeup, seeing me with my natural curls (which i embrace the shit out of!) and told me I wasn’t skinny enough. But I walked out of that toxic relationship instantly with no regret.

I would be always so scared to even eat around this person as I thought they would think I was fat. And because of this I still sometimes struggle with my eating, it’s one of those things that have affected me both mentally and physically but I’m still getting there.
From that day on, I was very cautious of who I was hanging out with and associating myself with. I had finally found a new happiness and I wasn’t going to let anyone stop me. I hung out with a fairly small group of friends each day, we were all pretty close. One person of the group in particular was very judgemental, and LOVED to argue with others. I had already thought for months of cutting this person off as they had made me feel so insecure, but I decided to give them one last chance. It wasn’t until she was so rude about another close friend of mines beliefs and religion, that I decided to cut all ties. I didn’t speak to her again, sure she tried so many times to rekindle our friendship but I was beyond done. I mean who in the world wants a friend that says this kind of stuff to you? I even came to school a few days to hearing rumours of her telling people that ‘I ruined her reputation’.

“Of course, you’d wear something the same as me out of all days.”

“You look really fat in that photo, what were you thinking”

“Why would you want to study that? It’s not going to get you anywhere”

Even the whole.. “I think I’m a lot more experienced in makeup than you” when they couldn’t even blend their eyeshadow, eh wat?

One thing I can’t stand, is when other people think they are so much better than everyone else. 
Trust me, after these two toxic people left my life. I felt so much happier. I wore whatever I wanted to wear, I hung out with whoever I wanted to be with and I explored more than I did throughout my whole teenage years. I know that a lot of people will be able to relate to what I went through in high school, so I guess that’s what made me want to write about it!
At the end of the day, you need to put yourself as your first priority. Don’t worry about anyone who is making you feel like you aren’t one at all. You are all beautiful human beings who deserve LOVE and to feel beautiful inside and out, and to of course be whoever you want to be! 
I am definitely a different person than who I was 3 years ago, and I am so happy with who I am today. I am confident, I am inlove with someone who makes me feel beautiful everyday, and I am surrounded by such loving friends and family who support me one hundred percent! I am proud of where I am today, I have succeeded so much in just a little timespan of 2 years. And I can definitely say I have learnt ALOT!

If you ever feel like you need someone to talk to, feel free to message me! 

Annaleise x


New Skincare Goodies from Eau Thermal Avene

Hey loves!

Recently I was sent a super gorgeous box full of skincare goodies (and even a sleeping mask!) from the lovely Sarah from Eau Thermal Avene. 

I am super into their skincare range, I use their thermal mist before makeup everyday! So I was beyond excited to try out some new goodies.

Inside this gorgeous wee package was:

  • Thermal Spring Water Face Mist – One of my all time favourites!
  • Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
  • Soothing Eye Contour Cream

I’ve been trying out the two new eye care products for over a week now and I will share my thoughts on them!

Gentle Eye Makeup Remover:

I’m all for trying different makeup removers, especially when it comes to getting off that stubborn waterproof mascara/liner. One trouble I do have with my eyes is that they are very sensitive, they can get irritated by makeup removers very easily. 

I’ve been using this for the past week now, and I am very impressed! The only thing I do notice is that if I get too close to my lash line my eye will sting a little, but that could be due to the fact that my eyes are overly sensitive! Other than that, it got off all remains of waterproof Mascara and all of my eyeshadow! 

I used a cotton pad and put a little bit of the eye makeup remover on the pad, and held down gently onto my eye to let it work on removing the makeup. After I have gently swiped it off my skin, I will rinse it with a little bit of warm water. 

Soothing Eye Contour Cream:

Now, I’m not really one to use an eye cream. I mean don’t get me wrong, I understand how important it is to look after the skin around your eyes but it’s always a step I forget. I got myself into using this wee product every day, morning and night to see if I noticed a difference in my undereye area.

The first thing I noticed is that it is really cooling on your skin, it’s definitely a great product to use in the morning as it wakes your skin up and feels super refreshing. After I couple of days of use I found that my concealer was going on amazingly, there was no dry patches and it felt super soft!

I think I will definitely be adding this into my skin routine, I love how my Eye area is feeling and I think this is the perfect product!

Thermal Spring Water Face Mist:

Now this is one of my favourite products! I have about 3 cans of this beauty, oops. I use this before my makeup, after cleansing and toning my skin and even sometimes after the gym! It is so refreshing and gives an extra boost of hydration to your skin.

It is the perfect skincare item for Summer, it’s currently winter in New Zealand but I still use it! But i went through about 2 cans throughout the summer as it’s perfect to help cool your skin down, and I even found it helped out when I got a little sunburnt! 
I hope this review of Eau Thermal Avene products has helped any of you in any way! I loved trying these out and they are now staples in my skincare routine!




Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review.

Hey guys!

I was lucky enough to pick up the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette through an exclusive early release day from Mecca Maxima, and I thought I would write up a review as it is not released until August in New Zealand and Australia!

As you can see, it is a very warm toned palette! It’s perfect for anyone who loves warm toned eyeshadows, I personally love it! 

I had been a bit skeptical prior to purchasing this and adding it to my collection as my other Naked palettes weren’t as pigmented and were a bit more subtle to what I usually like in an eyeshadow. After watching many, many YouTube reviews I was so shocked to see how pigmented the eyeshadows were, a completely different formula! I knew I had to try it out for myself.

As you can see, the colours are full of cranberry, orange vibes which will look amazing on any skin tones. What I like about this palette as it’s perfect for both a simple, natural (ya know what I mean) day look but you can easily smoke it up just using a few of the darker shades. It’s so handy!

Okay, so here are my opinions on the shades itself, the formula etc. I found that a few of the matte shades came across as a little bit chalky when I swatched it on my arm, although it was still pigmented it still felt a little dry. However, I’ve used this palette twice now and I’ve noticed that they feel 100% better on the eyes and they blend so easily. The shimmer shades in my opinion are a lot more pigmented, buttery and super soft to the touch. I wore this palette for the first time prior to a 10 hour shift and it still looked perfect afterwards!
This palette retails for $91 NZD from Mecca Maxima. It is a little pricey, but if you are looking for a staple warm toned palette this is the one for you. It is super high quality and the packaging is amazing. I definitely recommend! 

Let me know if you’ve tried out this palette and what were your thoughts!


Annaleise x

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My Favourite Nudes..

I’m meaning the lipstick shades, of course 😉 

You all may know this already.. but I am quite the makeup hoarder. Especially when it comes to lipsticks that happen to be in shades of pinks, nudes and browns! Oops..

I’m going to be showing you my FAVES out of my whole collection, whether it’d be bullet lipsticks, liquid, lip gloss etc.

First off..

Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Lipstick in Chauffer

This is such a lovely nude shade, I love how it looks on my pale skin! The formula is very similar to MAC bullet lipsticks, and it has a faint vanilla scent. The longevity isn’t that long, but it looks amazing on the lips and doesn’t dry up. 

NYX Cosmetics Liquid Lingerie Lipsticks in Exotic and Push Up

Top is Push Up & Bottom is Exotic.

The formula of these liquid lipsticks are very interesting, but in a way I really like them. They go on like a liquid lipstick but when they dry, they are almost like a Soft Matte Lip Cream. They don’t dry completely but they don’t feel sticky on the lips, they last a fairly decent amount of time on the lips and are really comfortable to wear.

XoBeauty Lipstick in Ubuntu

Shaaanxo recently came out with a range of her own lipstick within her beauty line, Xo Beauty. I picked up one of her lipsticks in the shade Ubuntu, this is a Creme finish formula. I’m usually one for Matte lipsticks, but this formula has completely changed me! I love how this looks on the lips, even though I’m pale skinned this still looks amazing. The formula is so comfortable on the lips!

Colourpop Cosmetics Ultra Matte Lipsticks:

From top to bottom we have: Alyssa, Aquarius and Littlestitious.

Colourpop has got to be one of my favourite affordable brands, and I love trying out their lipstick range! These are my favourite nude shades from their Ultra Matte range. I find that sometimes these can get a little drying on the lips, but they last super long. I find that with moisturising the lips beforehand I don’t find that it gets drying on the lips.

Mellow Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Tehran:

I really love the formula of the Mellow Cosmetics Liquid lipstick range, I luckily won their whole collection over a year ago and have been loving every shade since! These have a thin consistency but are super opaque! I love this shade for the winter months as it’s slightly darker than my other nude shades.

Stila Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks:

Shades are: Perla, Patina & Serenata.

I picked up a Stila Cosmetics mini liquid lipstick set from Mecca during last years holiday season, and since then I’ve repurchased the shade Perla as it’s been one of my go to’s! The formula of these are INCREDIBLE! They go on so smoothly, and last for so long without going dry on your lips.

NYX Butter Gloss:

In the shades: Eclair & Creme Brûlée 

Not only do these glosses go on super smooth and opaque, they smell like cupcakes! They make any lipstick look amazing!

Too Faced Liquid Lipstick in Sell Out

I hadn’t tried out any of TF lipsticks until I picked up one of their liquid lipsticks a couple of months ago, such a lovely formula! Such a lovely nude shade, it’s slightly darker than the rest of my collection but it really compliments any makeup look! 
Hope your all having an amazing week so far! 💖

Annaleise x


The Skin Kitchen

I was lucky enough to be sent through some products by the company, The Skin Kitchen and I will be sharing my thoughts throughout this post.

The Skin Kitchen is a vegan skincare company, which is based in New Zealand (yay!). They offer a range of handmade, natural, organic, vegan and cruelty free skincare which is so exciting! 

They sent me through the Coconut Lip Scrub and the Vanilla Latte Body Scrub.

I am a sucker for scrubs, lip scrubs, body scrubs, face scrubs EVERYTHING! I just love the feeling of feeling so exfoliated and soft afterwards.

So receiving a lip scrub was amazing, especially in a coconut scent. This Coconut Lip Scrub is natural and vegan, and smells just like summer! What I liked the most about this lip scrub in particular is that the sugar didn’t go everywhere, and it was super easy to take off afterwards. I found that my lips felt super soft and plump, it’s even edible so you can lick it off! 

As you can see, there are only a few ingredients in this lip scrub. No nasty chemicals! 

I’ll definitely be using this throughout the winter, as my lips (and majority of my skin) get so chapped and dry! So it’s so lovely to use right before applying a lip balm.

The Lip Scrub is $16

They have recently launched a very exciting product to their range, Vanilla Latte body scrub! 

I am really excited about this, I’m sure if you’ve seen my Instagram posts you’d know that I love trying out body scrubs! I’ve used this twice now, and I’ve noticed a difference in my skin already. My skin is usually so so dry and patchy throughout the winter season, and now it’s super soft and is free off dry patches. I’ve even noticed a small difference in my cellulite and stretch marks, so I’ll definitely be keeping on using this to see if I notice any other changes! Yay!

This smells like a classic coffee scrub, EXCEPT it has such an amazing scent of vanilla which makes it smell so so sweet and amazing. I am a big coffee lover and this smells exactly like a vanilla latte would! Yas!

The Body Scrub is $22.50

I will definitely be purchasing more products from The Skin Kitchen very soon, I love how high quality their products are and they are at such affordable prices! Plus I will always support an amazing New Zealand company! 

You can find The Skin Kitchen at:

IG: theskinkitchenofficial