Farsali Skincare Review!

Hey loves!

Hope your all well. If you follow my Instagram you would know that I was trying out the new Farsali Beauty Oils & Serums which are super well known, I have seen them be used in so many Instagram, Facebook and YouTube videos!

I was lucky enough to be sent both the Rose Gold Elixr Oil & The Unicorn Essence Serum to try out for you guys, as they have just launched in New Zealand at Life Pharmacy! (Retailing for $119)

Farsali was created in the USA by a team of cosmetic scientists. 

Rose Gold Elixr – ($119)

It is a ‘fast absorbing, lightweight beauty Oil that is infused with 24k Gold, rosehip seed oil and pure botanicals’

The Rose Gold Elixr is essentially a radiant moisturiser for the skin, it can be used both day and night and will leave your skin feeling super nourished and hydrated. It can also be used for chapped lips and skin, reviving dried cream products and to even mix in with foundation to create a glowy, flawless finish. I find that it’s so handy to find a beauty oil that has so many different uses! 

I’ve been using the Rose Gold Elixr for just over a week now and I can already see such a difference in my skin. My skin is super dry and sensitive, especially during winter so it really does need all the hydration it can get. My skin is feeling so smooth, soft and hydrated with no dry patches at all. I use this Oil both morning and night, and I love how it makes my skin feel! If I mix into my foundation I find that my skin gives off a very dewy, soft glow that I love! My skin has never looked so healthy.  Plus I love the smell, it has a beautiful scent of citrus orange peel and rose hip oil!

When it came to reviving my dried out cream products, I tested it out on my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow that had been slightly dried up as I have had it for a while now. I dropped 1-2 drops of the oil into the pomade and gently mixed it around with a q-tip, it was like brand new!

Each ingredient of this oil serves a purpose in helping your skin. 

Gold – A natural mineral that is often used to make the skin look and feel younger and radiant.

Rosehip Oil & Bontanicals – Help with moisturising the skin, leaving it look smooth and supple.

The great thing about this product is that it works for all skin types! 

Unicorn Essence Serum – $119

This is different from the Rose Gold Elixr, it is a Serum that is completely Oil free! The Unicorn Essence is also a multi purpose product, it can be used as a daily serum , face and eyeshadow primer aswell as even helping your highlight be poppin!

When used as a daily serum, it helps with protecting the skin from things such as radical damage. Whilst doing this, it also helps prepare the skin for makeup application or moisturiser! 

I’ve been using this after my Rose Gold Elixr has sunk into the skin, and using the serum as a base before my makeup application. The one thing I like most about this product is that it doesn’t leave my face feeling oily at all, my foundation doesn’t glide around and it sets beautifully. It almost leaves your skin with a ‘tight’ feeling, which I love and find that my makeup will go on smoother with it. 

When using it to make your highlight shine out of this world, I will gently press it along my cheekbone, and let it set whilst applying my favourite powder highlight with a fan brush. It’s one of my favourite tricks to make my highlight look super intense!

The smell of this product is not as intense as the Rose Gold Elixr, which I know some people may prefer. It has a slight sweet, candy scent but it disappears after it has sunk into the skin!

This beautiful skin enhancer contains four different super fruit extracts which are all super rich in antioxidants. Such as, Acai Berry, Goji Berry, Elderberry and Blueberry! All of these are also packed with Vitamin C which help massively for health and skin tone. 

I am so impressed with these two products from Farsali. I had no idea they would have such an amazing impact on my skin, and I will always keep using them in my daily skincare routine!

If you are wanting to check out more about Farsali products and where to find them in New Zealand, check out @wigginsbeauty on Instagram and they have so much information on these two gorgeous products!




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